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Kalceks is one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in the Baltic States, founded in 1920. The company's activities include developing, producing, registering, and distributing finished dosage forms.

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About us

Kalceks is one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in the Baltic States, whose history began in 1920. The company’s activities include the development, production, registration and distribution of finished dosage forms.

During the long development, the company’s legal form and name has changed, but immutable is the historically accumulated experience for successful operation in today’s changing world.

Our mission is to make high-quality specialized pharmaceutical products available to people around the world. We are actively expanding our product range and international recognition.

Kalceks mainly specializes in hospital segment – ICU, surgery, pain management and life-saving medicine.

The brand Kalceks was first used in 1976. In May 1992 Kalceks became a standalone pharmaceutical company and since 2004 we are a part of Grindeks holding group.

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Sustainability at Kalceks

Growth and sustainability are integral parts of our strategy, guided by our core values. By embedding sustainability in everything we do – from the lab to the patient – we are helping to strengthen good health and well-being. As the result of our in-depth market evaluation the most suitable medicines are outlined for our product portfolio. The safety and efficacy of our products is the top priority.

Manufacturing of pharmaceutical products is subject to very strict quality requirements – GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), ISO certifications and the guidelines of the ICH (The International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use). From complex requirements to tight production schedules, we along with our contract manufacturing organizations face stubborn obstacles in ensuring the wellbeing and health of humans while not harming the planet.

Protection against Product Counterfeiting

Product counterfeiting is an enormous problem worldwide. The Falsified Medicines Directive of the European Union specifies requirements and measures for the verification of the medicines. This includes mandatory security features on external packaging, which Kalceks has used for its prescription products since 2019. These data matrix codes are stored in country-specific databases across the EU. Wholesalers and pharmacies can verify the products authenticity by simply scanning the code.

Product safety monitoring

Our medicines need to be effective in treating the respective disease, while posing as little risk as possible to patients. Therefore, we consistently monitor risks and adverse effects that may arise and take the necessary actions to minimize them. Based on the conditions of regulatory approval, we develop and update educational materials for patients and healthcare providers to communicate any known and potential risks and ways to minimize them for newly approved products.


Our core values – purposefulness, reliability, flexibility and responsive communication – guide us in our daily work defining how we interact with our customers and business partners. We do our business activities to adhere to relevant regulations and ethical standards around the world. We are aware that our company operates in a complex legal environment and incurs various tax obligations with its domestic and foreign business activities. It is our responsibility to ensure compliance with tax legislation in all countries in which we operate and to be transparent.

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AS Kalceks as pharmaceutical company without own manufacturing sites, incorporates the green values for everyday office life, as example, waste recycling. Our logistics team also accurately plans product deliveries in order not to organize useless transportation activities. We also ensure that disposal of unused medicines strictly complies to legislation.

We aim to deliver our products in packaging that is safe and easy for customers to handled. We are working on for employing more eco-friendly materials for secondary packing. Our contract manufacturing organizations are covered by ISO 14001 certificate to comply with environment standards and to establish processes on improving efficiency in manufacturing of products to protect our climate and environment.



  • For pharmaceutical wholesalers
  • For doctors
  • For raw material suppliers
For pharmaceutical wholesalers

Focusing on B2B activities, pharmaceutical wholesalers in most cases are Kalceks direct cooperation partners. If You have interest in distribution of any our product at territory You are represented, feel free to share this idea with us. All the requests will be considered by our business development team.

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For doctors

Kalceks actively cooperates with doctors in questions of products selection strategy, line extension with new strengths, type of packs or even drug forms. We are always opened for new ideas and each question or recommendation will be considered. Will appreciate Your participation in Kalceks product portfolio development.

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For raw material suppliers

Kalceks is commonly interested in sources for active pharmaceutical ingredients for medicines included in company's portfolio. If You are producer of any of such a raw material that matches with our product line, You are welcome to reach out us with corresponding offer that will be evaluated by our R&D experts.

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