Pyridoxine hydrochloride Kalceks

Strength: 50 mg/ml
Pharmaceutical form: solution for injection
Volume: 1 ml
ATC code: A11HA02
Pack size: N10

This medicine is indicated for:

  • Vitamin B6 deficiency (including in patients on dialysis);
  • sideroblastic anaemia (congenital, secondary, drug- and toxin-induced and other);
  • metabolic disorders (increased excretion of xanthurenic acid, primary cystathioninuria, primary hyperoxaluria, primary homocystinuria);
  • isoniazid-induced neuropathy; – pyridoxine-dependent seizures in infants;
  • premenstrual syndrome.

Prescription medication. Information for healthcare professionals only. For full information about the medicine, see the Summary of Product Characteristics.
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