Système cardiovasculaire

Ce groupe de médicaments dans le portefeuille de Kalceks contient des stimulants cardiaques et des médicaments antihypertenseurs.


Furosemide injection
Dosage 10 mg/ml
Volume 2 ml, 4 ml, 5 ml
Code ATC C03CA01


Therapeutic indications
Indicated when no adequate diuresis is achieved with oral administration of furosemide or when oral use is not possible:
- oedemas and/or ascites secondary to cardiac or hepatic disorders
- oedemas secondary to renal disorders
- oedemas secondary to burns
- pulmonary oedema (e.g. in acute heart failure)
- supportive measure in cerebral oedema
- oliguria secondary to gestosis, if necessary after correction of a hypovolaemic state (NB: oedemas and/or hypertension in cases of gestosis are not an indication)
- hypertensive crisis (in addition to other therapeutic measures)

Norépinéphrine solution injectable
Dosage 1 mg/ml
Volume 1 ml, 2 ml, 4 ml, 5 ml, 8 ml, 10 ml, 25 ml
Code ATC C01CA03


Urapidil injectable
Dosage 5 mg/ml
Volume 5 ml, 10 ml
Code ATC C02CA06


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