JSC Kalceks is one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in the Baltic states with beginning operation in 1920. Known by the name Farmazans, the company was established in 1940, combining two nationalized factories – Medfro (established in 1920) and Farmazans (established in 1932). Production was suspended during the beginning of 1940s and the company resumed work in 1945, with the name Riga 6. chemical – pharmaceuticals factory.

During the 1960s and 1970s production of chemicals was stopped, and the company started specializing in injectable dosage forms, for which a sterile manufacturing department was built. The brand “Kalceks” appeared in 1976 and up until 1992 its business activity was both chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing as a part of the “Latbiofarm” company.

In May 1992, “Kalceks” separated from the company “Latbiofarm” and became an independent pharmaceutical company specializing in manufacturing of injectable final dosage forms. In 2004 JSC “Kalceks“ became a part of JSC “Grindeks” – leading pharmaceutical company in the Baltic states – as a daughter company. In year 2012 development of sterile generic medicines within holding group is assigned to JSC “Kalceks“.

Over the years, by determinedly focusing on the hospital segment, JSC “Kalceks” has accumulated profound knowledge and experience in this area. The company complies with EU GMP requirements and it has a valid EU GMP as well as Russian GMP certificate for related pharmaceutical activities. Currently our products are manufactured under a JSC “Kalceks” license in EU-located manufacturing facilities. Our products are registered in the EU, CIS countries, Southeast Asia and Central America. Therefore, by acknowledging the regulatory requirements of the respective countries we are able to submit and distribute products in the respective area.




1920   Beginning of the company

1940   The company was established combining two nationalized factories

1945   Company resumed work after having stopped production during the beginning of 1940s

1976   First appearance of the brand Kalceks, working under Latbiofarm

1992   Company became an independent manufacturer, specializing in injectable dosage forms

2004   Kalceks became a part of Grindeks holding group

2012   Development of sterile generic medicines within holding is assigned to Kalceks

2017   Kalceks introduced a new visual identification of company