JSC "Kalceks" is focused on business-to-business cooperation activities and our products are registered in the EU, CIS countries, Southeast Asia, Central America and other regions over the world where "Kalceks" is represented by its official distribution partners.

Therefore, by acknowledging the regulatory requirements of the respective countries we are able to submit and distribute products in the respective area. Strategy at each territory and cooperation agreements with distribution partners are always based on product-by-product business cases,so we are actively expanding our product range and global reach.


Existing partnership


Existing partnership

Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Latvia, Vietnam, China, Albania, New Zealand, Jordan, Costa Rica, Canada, Ethiopia, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Malta, Syria, United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Sweden, Libya, Iraq, Lebanon, Kuwait, Australia, Croatia, Slovenia, Netherlands, Israel, France, Dominican Republic, Germany, Thailand, Philippines, Serbia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Montenegro, Panama, Brunei, Northern Macedonia


Negotiations are in progress

Myanmar, United States, South Africa, Italy, Kosovo, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Colombia, Iceland, Namibia, Botswana, Swatini, Lesotho, UAE, Angola, Kenya, Nigeria, Peru, Yemen, Tunisia, Greece, Mexico, Bosnia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Pakistan, Mongolia, Honduras, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Chile, D-Korea, Belgium, Algeria, Bahrain, Brazil, Oman, Qatar, Venezuela, Haiti, Bolivia, Egypt, Bangladesh, Paraguay